Sunday, 30 November 2008

DIY Disaster...

Wow! A week of work and I've busier than ever. I thought it was a good chance to do some diy and get the house winterproofed. So I filled gaps around windows and fitted heat reflectors behind all the radiators that were on the outside walls. It was really messy work I used (for the first and last time) the expanding foam that comes in a can. Ugggh! It gets away from you and turns into an ever expanding mess!! I should add that I only used this on a particularly large gap in some woodwork that was letting a draught in. Well I filled the holes and it kept on coming out up over the top and onto the woodwork, so I tried to scrape it off with a spatula thing and it covered the spatula and the handle and my hands and then it got in my hair!!!
Well now the thing to use according to the back of the can is acetone, yep nail polish remover! Now I don't wear nail polish even on special occasions, but I thought I had some remover somewhere and after a frantic search I found it! So I then had to soak about 3 inches of my hair at the front in nail polish remover and then wash it out.
Now nail polish remover stinks I can tell you and when your hair is soaking in it you get a noseful every time you breathe. So after washing, rewashing and conditioning my hair I go back to take a look at how the foam has got on. Yikes! Despite all the scraping it still overflowed, but now it's set. I had to use a stanley knife to cut it off. Horrible stuff I can tell you. I threw over half a can of the stuff out and I'll never use it again.
On the up side my room is very cozy and there are no more draughts.

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