Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Balloons and cabbage balls...

Well the christmas spirit is being dished out in bucket loads this week. Tuesday saw the boys having their school christmas dinner.
Now when I pick them up from school I always ask how their day went and what did they have for dinner. Yesterday both boys were carrying balloons home which they got with their christmas lunch and Jack, who is 8, had managed to blow his up to probably twice the size it should have been. Sam, who is six, was having a little problem: no matter how hard he blew only his cheeks inflated, not the balloon. He finally thrust the limp rubbery thing at me and asked "can you do it!". Well let me tell you a balloon that has been nearly blown up by a six year old is extremely soggy!!!!! After some judicious cleaning with my coat sleeve (must pack some more tissues), I blew it up and he happily made rude noises with it all the way home.
"So what did you have for dinner then?" I asked. Sam thought for a moment, then said,
" Roast potatoes, sausage, white stuff and cabbage balls."
A quick question to Jack resolved that the white stuff was turkey, but I think I shall from now on refer to sprouts as cabbage balls!

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