Monday, 1 December 2008

A Special card

Last monday was 1 year to the day that my grandmother died. It could have been a very sad day, but my mum and I visited with my aunt and we spoke via phone to most of the other members of our family.
My gran was wonderful. She was a small (4ft 8ins) welsh woman who had eight kids (4 of each). She was the centre of our family and we all congregated around her and her home.

Last Christmas was tough and this one will probably have it's moments.

I found a card that I had made for her for last year, but never got to give her. It's big and bold with embossed words down the side because her sight wasn't that good. I treasure this card and keep it in a box and I'll not part with it now because although I didn't give it to her, somehow it's still hers.

We won't forget you gran!

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