Thursday, 24 June 2010

Woah! Computer failures.

Well I think I am finally able to get back on to blogger after multiple computer failures. That is first my laptop hard drive crashed with the loss of all data, luckily I had backed up most of it. I managed to restore what I wanted onto a new hard drive and I counted myself lucky and looked on the bright side: my laptop was now clutter free and organised. Yay!
Not two days later and my desktop computer crashes when a sound card throws a wobbly. Now I have managed to retrieve most of what I need from that and thank goodness that includes all the photographs I had on it. Lessons to be learned from all this is that I now have three (count them) yes, three external drives that are busily backing up my data.
Paranoid? My family's history is on my computers in the form of photos, scrapbook layouts and recipes. Not to mention all the day to day business stuff like statements, receipts and emails.
In short I was devastated when I thought everything was gone. After all what were the chances of two computers going down at the same time? Well pretty good actually especially if you get a virus (not the case in this instance).
So make sure you have good up to date virus protection and take the time to backup, backup, BACKUP!

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