Monday, 13 August 2012

Tenpin Bowling and Freebie.

School holidays are in full swing, but being the UK the weather doesn't always co-operate. So what to do with the kids that is fun and takes into account the british weather?  Tenpin bowling sounds good. My niece, Katie (who strictly speaking has just finished school) and my nephew, Jack came bowling with us and gave me the perfect opportunity to scrap a page about it.

I used Bella Gyspy's Extra Strength Mischief kit and added some embellishments I created myself. The layout is a template from Yin Designs.

So on to the freebie: a word art image for any tenpin bowling pages or photos you want to scrap.Click image to download the png file.

Enjoy! X

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Birthday Time

Hi there, hope you all are having a lovely day? I have another male birthday card to share today.

I created a cut file for the silhouette (available in the shop soon) of a clock face.  It was based on the clockface of the Westminster Tower Clock (incorrectly known as Big Ben) in London.  I cut the clock and hands out of 300gsm white cardstock and then used the diecut as an embossing mask.  I placed the cut image on the Grand Calibur mat, lay the cardstock (also 300gsm) that I wanted to emboss on top and then covered them both with the tan embossing mat. The embossing plate finished the sandwich and I ran it through the Calibur.  It produced a lovely crisp emboss and I enhanced it by chalking the white card in browns to give it a vintage look.
The hands I covered in versamark ink and sprinkled with gold embossing powder. I heat embossed the powder and repeated the process to 'enamel' them.  I attached with a gold brad. There is no significance to the time I just thought it looked good, but if you knew what time someone was born you could certainly do that to make the card very personal.
I matted it with Stamping Up Chocolate Chip card and made a ruffled ribbon border out some kraft paper. I printed the letter blocks from my pc onto the same kraft paper to finish the look.

The best thing is I haven't used the diecut clockface and the second set of hands that I created with the file, so I will be able to use them on another card.  Kind of two for the price of one.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Journalling Ticket Freebies

I am on a roll this week with another freebie for you. It must have something to do with the Jubilee fever that is rife at the moment. Anyway in this very brief post I offer 4 coloured journalling tickets in png format. Click here to get from 4shared.
Hope you like them. Take care and have a great holiday weekend if you are celebrating. *edited to fix link*

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

More Freebies...

It's my best friend's birthday in just under a week and I thought this card would be perfect for her. Especially as her birthday is so close to the Diamond Jubilee. She also has a liking for the Monarchy and all it's pomp and ceremony so I hope she will love this.
This card is made from images printed on one sheet of A4 paper. Everything except the gems and the glitter is from the sheet and I have made this element sheet available to you for free. You can choose blue:
Or red:

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Thank You card freebie

The sun is still shining in London although who knows for how much longer boo! I have been feeling particularly inspired and have been designing like crazy so I thought I would make a little freebie to share. After all who doesn't like freebies. Okay some ground rules first. It's free for personal use please... no selling. You can share, but please share the link; don't repost the file. That said I hope you like it. Click the here to get the pdf for printing.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Father's Day cards and a Freebie

I subscribe to a great magazine called Simply Cards and Papercraft and each month they have double page spread of digi stamps for you to photocopy or scan or you can download them from the magazine's website here. Issue 97 had some great Father's Day images and I couldn't resist making a card using some of them. I printed the background out and then printed the images and coloured them with an assortment of copics. I love the comic nature of the card and the humour.
The next card is made using Craft Artist software from Serif and a digikit that I designed called Boyhood. It is all printed flat except for the heart which I popped up on foam tape. The background is a little more green in colour than the photo shows.
I have created a free pdf file for you to download here, so you can print cut and fold to make this card if you want.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Dress Form Cut file freebie...

Okay as promised here are the cut file freebies of the dress form I used on the 18th birthday card in the previous post.  You can download for the silhouette here. Or you can download the svg file format here.
I would love to see anything you make with the file.  Hope you have fun with it.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Eighteenth Birthday Card

I finally got around to trying my hand at the heavily embellished style of card. I also got a chance to use some of the pearls that I made using the method I blogged about on Tuesday. I designed a dress form cutfile from an image I found at a wonderful site called Free Vintage Digital Stamps. I thought the elegance of the dress form would suit a card for a young lady who is just turning 18 and the pearls just added the finishing touch to a card that has paper lace, flowers, glitter and ribbon on it. If you have a digital cutter that can take svg files or a silhouette cutter then come back later this week for the free cut file of the dress form.
I cut the number 18 from the Cricut Alphabet Cartridge that comes preloaded on the Expression 2. I cut each number three times out of thick white card and once out of an old gold pearlescent paper. When I stacked the layers it made the numerals look like thick chipboard. A computer printed sentiment and glittered die cut leaves completed the look.
The background paper is from a digikit at Scrap Girls called French Market. Take care and have fun!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

DIY flat backed glass beads and pearls.

I really love the very pretty heavily embellished cards that are the trend of late. It isn't something I find easy to do; I don't have too much luck with collages either although I love the look. I am going to try and work on making some though and I figure practice will make perfect (or near enough perfect). One thing is for sure though I am going to need a good supply of gems or pearls. There aren't any craft supply shops anywhere near where I live so I usually buy stuff online; but then you have to wait for delivery and I am nothing if not impatient. So the perfect solution is to be able to make my own. I know you can buy liquid pearls (from Ranger I think), but I didn't have any so I played around a bit with what I did have: Clear embossing powder; coloured embossing powder and mica powders. I gathered the supplies and a non stick silicon sheet (and old toaster bag that I cut up) and played about. First I added some clear and red embossing powder to a little foil pie tin; then I placed the tin on a encaustic art iron that I have, to melt the powders. You could use an embossing heat gun and heat the dish from underneath or you can place the dish in a skillet that is heating on your stove or there are melting pots you can buy for this purpose.
Once the powders were melted I used a pair of tweezers to pick up the foil dish, which is very hot, and poured small drops onto the silicon sheets. The liquid in the dish cools quickly so I had to keep re-melting the glaze, but any beads that misformed I was able to return to the dish and melt again.
The beads cool and solidify really quickly (in under a minute) and are easily picked off the mat. I was able to make a good supply of different sized beads that I can glue onto my cards of in the centre of flowers. I didn't take any pictures of the second batch I made, but by using clear powder and a pearl mica powder I was able to make some flat backed pearls as well. Here are the red glass ones I made. The red embossing powder had some gold mica in it so the gems have a gold sheen to them.
Any glaze that is left in the dishes can be left to cool and you reuse the dish another time, just add more powder and melt again. I would like to try adding some glitter too to get a different effect. I had a blast concocting the different mixes and felt a little like a scientist. I was so pleased with my haul too and can't wait to use them on a project. Have a look in your stash and see if you can make your own gems and beads. Have fun!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Plaster Casts

Whilst I was enjoying my Easter break poor Sam was spending a night in hospital after breaking his arm whilst skateboarding. He has a cast from from wrist to armpit and the novelty is soon wearing thin. There are so many things he can't do at the moment and boredom is setting in.

I don't really need any excuse to make a card and they are usually well received. I hope that in most cases they cheer up the recipient.

For Sam I made a really big Tumble Ted character card complete with plaster cast. I took a digi stamp of Tumble Ted into a graphics program and digitally coloured it and some clothes to dress him up. Mirroring the image and removing the face creates a card back and sticking the head together creates a tent card. Each image was printed out an A4 sheet creating a card just about 12 inches tall.

The clothes were stuck on after I had lined up the card so that I could make sure that they aligned front and back.

I used some Snow Writer by Decoarts to create a plaster cast on the bears arm.

Despite being almost 10 he still loved his Teddy pal and I think Ted will get his cast signed just like Sam's.

Take care and have a great day X

Egg Deliveries a little late

Taking some time off at Easter meant that I was a little late in delivering the eggs that I had bought for the boys. They usually get lots of eggs and sweets and so I only usually get them some mini eggs and put them in a decorated box. Today I gave them their truck boxes. The template is one I found on my hard drive I think from the Toymaker Website. I tweaked it a bit to personalise each truck and then I filled them with mini eggs. Too cute!

It turned a cheap gift into something a little bit more special. Sometimes it's a all about the packaging.

Take care and have a great day X

Sunday, 15 April 2012

More crafting and cards to share.

Okay I am resigned to the fact that I am a useless blogger. Okay maybe not useless, but inconsistent. I guess I have to admit that I am only gonna be posting on the very rare occasion when I 1) actually complete a project; 2) get my act together to photograph it; 3) take the time to upload the photos and 4) login to blogger and create a post.
Well woohoo! The stars have aligned and just such a series of events has occured, hence I am writing this.

I took a little time off work at Easter to go away...nice and relaxing. It also gave me some time to create some cards.
Jack the elder of the two boys I nanny for is turning 12 today (good grief time flies). He is a very mature young man now and I wanted to reflect that in my choice of card for him. So no teddies, no cartoon characters (not that he doesn't still like the odd cartoon) and no sports related themes for him (and old favourite to fall back on).
I went with a completely different theme for me. Steampunk!

I got a really cool piece of software (Craft Artist) from a brilliant British company called Serif. It's a digital design suite that lets you create scrapbook pages, photobooks, cards, gift boxes and so much more. I cannot praise this software enough; it's so easy to use yet so powerful that you have to try to fully appreciate how good it is. It is also extremely affordable. There is also a lite version that you can try for free. It is Windows based not Mac but I urge you to try it as it is awesome.

The software powers digikits that are the images you use to make your creations. The kit I used is called Steampunk Adventures and it makes the perfect teenage boy cards..

I printed off the background paper and made a decoupage sheet of the aviator to create a hybrid card that uses both digital and traditional techniques to create a card. Some glaze applied to the 12 on the balloon highlights the numbers and I was able to place Jack's name on the banner near the bottom of the card. Kids love it when you personalise things for them.

I think that these images would made a great T-shirt too..something for me to work on when I get some more transfer paper.

Hope you all have good day and create something wonderful!