Sunday, 15 April 2012

More crafting and cards to share.

Okay I am resigned to the fact that I am a useless blogger. Okay maybe not useless, but inconsistent. I guess I have to admit that I am only gonna be posting on the very rare occasion when I 1) actually complete a project; 2) get my act together to photograph it; 3) take the time to upload the photos and 4) login to blogger and create a post.
Well woohoo! The stars have aligned and just such a series of events has occured, hence I am writing this.

I took a little time off work at Easter to go away...nice and relaxing. It also gave me some time to create some cards.
Jack the elder of the two boys I nanny for is turning 12 today (good grief time flies). He is a very mature young man now and I wanted to reflect that in my choice of card for him. So no teddies, no cartoon characters (not that he doesn't still like the odd cartoon) and no sports related themes for him (and old favourite to fall back on).
I went with a completely different theme for me. Steampunk!

I got a really cool piece of software (Craft Artist) from a brilliant British company called Serif. It's a digital design suite that lets you create scrapbook pages, photobooks, cards, gift boxes and so much more. I cannot praise this software enough; it's so easy to use yet so powerful that you have to try to fully appreciate how good it is. It is also extremely affordable. There is also a lite version that you can try for free. It is Windows based not Mac but I urge you to try it as it is awesome.

The software powers digikits that are the images you use to make your creations. The kit I used is called Steampunk Adventures and it makes the perfect teenage boy cards..

I printed off the background paper and made a decoupage sheet of the aviator to create a hybrid card that uses both digital and traditional techniques to create a card. Some glaze applied to the 12 on the balloon highlights the numbers and I was able to place Jack's name on the banner near the bottom of the card. Kids love it when you personalise things for them.

I think that these images would made a great T-shirt too..something for me to work on when I get some more transfer paper.

Hope you all have good day and create something wonderful!

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